What is the effect of the IPT treatment?

The patient is given a specific quantum of Insulin. This Insulin causes especially the sick cells to absorb all medications given hereafter because Insulin "opens" the nutrient windows of all cells like a gatekeeper. The number of gatekeepers (or receptors) e.g. on a cancer cell is 6 to 8 times as high as with normal healthy cells.

A reduced blood sugar level is a consequence of the Insulin dose given, which is medically monitored. It proves on the other hand, that the receptors are activated and all cell windows (cell pores) are opened. They give way to the cells not only to the blood sugar but also to all other nutrients "swimming" also in the blood momentarily. If medications are administered at this time of occurrence (therapeutical moment), they will not accumulate to ordinary cells due to the characteristics described but predominantly to sick cells because of the increased number of gatekeepers (receptors).

Thus it is possible to attain the sick cell with only a fraction of the medication applied usually but the same effect. In addition the often injurious side effects of medications to healthy cells are reduced. The hemogram and immune system will not be destroyed.

How should you prepare as patient?

You will come to the practice on an empty stomach, i.e. no food, no coffee, no tea, no juices, at most water. Medications should be taken only after prior consultation. If you will come to an afternoon treatment you may consume light nutrition which will not or only slightly rise your blood sugar level.

What is the course of the therapy?

At first blood pressure and blood sugar will be checked. Then an ECG will be taken and oxygen breathed. You will receive a number of specific infusions. Then the Insulin injection will follow. All other medications prepared will be applied in a sequence preset and scheduled.

The following graph shows the course of a treatment which will last from two and three hours. Specially-trained healthcare professionals will be assigned to you during the whole time and the doctor controls the progress of the reactions. When time comes the treatment will be terminated by an application of a high-dosed sugar solution if necessary. Afterwards you will be monitored for at least one or two more hours. At the end you will be given an electrolytic drink and freshly made fruit salad from apples, bananas, etc. For the period after the treatment you may bring with you light food in addition.

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How is the cycle of the treatment?

The therapies will be applied in a rhythm of 4 to 7 days. The total number varies from 8 to 15 applications depending on the serious nature if the illness. Therapies for preservation will be given in larger intervals.