IPT is an alternative medicine therapy, which uses a well directed insulin injection followed by a medically monitored hypoglycaemia. This therapy is known since more than 80 (!) years and has been proven to medically treat many diseases in a particularly favourable way.

What is the origin of IPT?

This therapy was "discovered" in the twenties of the last century when Insulin just found attention as treatment of diabetes mellitus. In this era prior to antibiotics an cortisone many diseases were not or not yet curable.

Dr. med. D. Garcia was the discoverer, who convalesced from chronic diarrhoea with heavy weight loss during an self-experiment within only a few month. His own experience became the basis of a more and more sophisticated Insulin therapy to be applied successfully for a growing range of disease pattern. It was decades ago that Dr. med. D. Garcia could heal gastric ulcer, which was still feared until some years ago, when helicobacter was not yet talked about but living in many stomachs. Joint rheumatism, chronic infections and even asthma bronchiale were grateful indications. As far back as in the forties Dr. Garcia started to treat cancer diseases and had creditable results.

What is so special with IPT?

In particular this treatment method shows no or only small side effects avoiding to destroy the regulatory capabilities of the immune system. Though chemotherapeutics, antibiotics, antimycotics, and virustatics are generally used besides the vitamins and minerals but only at a fraction of the dose given in conventional practice.